Social Media in the Church
We are redefining how churches use social media to reach people.

Our Approach


our approach


We believe too many brands and churches spend their time on social media talking only about themselves. That isn’t what is going to draw in your audience. We believe in a system where we determine a content plan that is based on content that has nothing to do with your brand but everything to do with the people associated with your brand.

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First we listen to your audience and determine the topics of conversation they are having in social media when they are not interacting with your church’s social accounts. Then we draw connections and conclusions about where those topics intersect. The topics with the most discussion bubble up to the top which helps us to easily narrow it down to the top 3-5 topics of conversation.

Next, we determine the best topic that we can use to draw in your audience, bring in new followers and ultimately see new faces in your church congregation.

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Once we have decided on the topic it’s time to start writing content! We will create facebook posts, instagram posts, tweets and more around this topic. We encourage your followers to engage with the content (and they will!)

During this stage, we will have regular check-ins with you to ensure we aren’t contradicting anything that your church is doing in-house and during your weekly services/events.

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The final step is to respond to anyone who comments on your social media accounts. You should aim to respond to every comment and reply to ever tweet. Use your volunteers to help make this happen. The more you interact with your audience the more they will interact with you online and eventually offline too.

Your volunteers will have the opportunity to build relationships with your social media audience and help to encourage them to check out a Sunday service or an upcoming event.